Hello, my name is Darya Lozkina

I am an ASMR director and artist

Allow me to introduce what ASMR is

It is an audiovisual trend which awakens emotions and makes an illusion of real touch through soft verbal triggers, sounds and movements

ASMR videos are all about creating that warm, tingly feeling we all have inside 

But quite often viewers describes pleasant body tingles, an effect of sticking and relaxation during its watching

I have 2 Youtube channels segmented by language
English+Russian with more than 450 K subscribers
and 60 mln views in summary

How could I be useful to you?

Advertisement in ASMR style designed under your requirement and platform;

Sponsorship integration on my Youtube channels;

Creative collaboration for making interesting audio-visual or multi-art project

Every product or service which values quality experience during use can be creatively integrated with ASMR

Products and services  for beauty, health, or relaxation are perfectly matching

If you are interested in unique advertising which will surprise the audience and connect your brand with pleasant emotion at all levels of the body, I would be happy to offer you ideas for creative collaboration